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Aditya has been a digital content marketing professional for the past 8+ years. He started his career in as Percept and headed the Digital Team for Sunburn (A Music Property) & several other IPs in Sports, Corporate events, etc. In the past 5 years, he has started a digital marketing agency that services clients across various industries from FMCG to Industrial organizations. 



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Umesh is an Engineer with 14+ years of experience in sales, marketing, and digital marketing. He is skilled in the effective utilization of digital marketing in daily Sales and Business development activity. His Core expertise, working with US-based and UK based company for setting up a sales office in India/Dubai, etc. He has proven experience in software services selling, hardware infrastructure, and support selling assignments and a rigorous sales experience in selling Software services to global clients and corporate industry. During his career, he has gained exposure to corporate sales (B2B) with domestic as well as international exposure.


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