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Gaurav is a Full Stack Developer and having 4+ years of experience in the IT field. He is very passionate about his work. He is always eager to learn new programming skills and technologies. Currently, he is learning DevOps concepts like Docker, Ansible, etc. He has worked on numerous projects and every client has appreciated his work and praised him on numerous occasions. In his journey, he has acquired skills that makes him a developer which is in high demand. He strives continuously to ensure that the project is successfully completed with the highest quality of code.

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Full Stack Developer


Diwakar is a competent Javascript developer with extensive experience of 5+ years in ReactJs, React Native, GraphQL, Node.js, Angular.js and all of javascript. He is always up-to-date and very excited about new releases and updates in technologies and frameworks.  Implementing standard best practices is his forte. He is always looking to implement standard and best in class practices in technology to do things smartly and always look forward to the upcoming challenges.



Full Stack Developer


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Jiren is a Full Stack Developer with 10+ years of experience in developing highly scalable web applications and APIs using Ruby and Ruby related frameworks, Javascript, Go and Node.js and a strong experience in JavaScript and frontend frameworks Angular.js, React.js, and CSS frameworks SASS, Less, Bootstrap. He has deep expertise in developing web applications, web services using Rails and Sinatra, Express.js, Beego, also he has experience to work with test frameworks– RSpec, Cucumber, Capybara, Jasmine, Factory Girl. He has proficiency in deploying web applications on Amazon Ec2, Heroku, Engine Yard and a very strong experience in CI-CD pipeline development, Containers, Deployment tools. He has worked with various Ruby gems, APIs and web services like AWS, Facebook, Google, Twitter, payment gateways with good exposure to various financial CMS, Reporting and social networking applications, Facebook games, crawling and data scraping. He has developed and contributed to various open source projects.

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Full Stack Ruby Developer


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Deepak is having 6+ years of experience in development, solution designing and deployments using open source technologies. He has deep expertise in designing and developing scalable software systems for various domains. He is proficient in deploying software systems on various clouds (AWS, GCP, Heroku) using DevOps framework and tools. He has contributed to various open-source projects. (Bigtable ruby client, Filter.js, etc).

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Senior Full Stack Developer



With 9+ years of experience in technologies like NodeJs, Javascript, ReactJs, Express, MongoDb, Mysql (Sequelize), Elastic search, RabbitMq, AWS, GCP I am confident that I would be a good fit for any team. In my past I was responsible for REST architecture and design of scalable service oriented architecture (SOA), leading and mentoring team, following best practices in team and writing lots of code with TDD / Test 1st mindset.



Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer



I am senior Ruby on Rails engineer with 5+ years of experience in building and maintaining high- quality Ruby on Rails applications and have excellent knowledge of Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Unix, deployment, performance, debugging, refactoring, design patterns, and other programming practices and tools. 



Full Stack Developer



I have 7.5+ years with Master’s degree in Information Technology, and hands-on experience using full-stack languages to create and implement web applications with a knack for problem solving and learning new technologies, my goal is to expand my skills and knowledge.


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