Top 10 Remote Work Influencers in 2020

Top 10 Remote Work Influencers in 2020

Chris Dyer, CEO and Founder @ PeopleG2 and Author of The Power of Company Culture

Chris Dyer is a recognized performance expert. Constantly intrigued by what makes some businesses and individuals more successful than others, Chris has dedicated years of research to uncover what drives productivity and profits. As a sought-after speaker, consultant, and certified SCRUM Master, he works with leading organizations to help them transform their cultures to boost performance and gain an even greater edge in the marketplace. Chris is the author of The Power of Company Culture, which was released in 2018


Janice Chaka, Owner and HR Consultant @ The Career Introvert

Janice is the founder of The Career Introvert where she uses her HR background to coach introverted women to launch their podcasts and grow their brand without overwhelm. She hosts the podcast The Traveling Introvert where she talks about running businesses, traveling and being an introvert. 


Matt Kohn, CEO and Founder @ Different Hunger

Matt Kohn is the founder and Head of Brand at Different Hunger. Founded in 2017, Different Hunger is a conscious media brand whose mission is to enlighten the world’s brightest creative minds of tomorrow, while putting an end to entrepreneurial burn out, depression and suicide.


Laurel Farrer, CEO @Distribute Consulting and founder of the Remote Work Association

Laurel Farrer is the CEO of Distribute Consulting and founder of the Remote Work Association. As a global thought leader on the topic of remote work, she advises the world’s top remote-friendly companies, writes about virtual professionalism for Forbes, is a subject matter expert for business education curriculum, and advises international governments, on fueling socioeconomic progress with virtual jobs.


Anne Lacey Holmes Co-Founder – iPal | Partner Ambassador – RemotePanda | Microsoft Alumnae

My career spans over 20+ years in the Sales, Marketing, Training, supporting and growing the Microsoft Partner Channel, Supporting Microsoft solutions.I am a Co-Founder of a Start-Up Technology company that created a smart hands-free camera and video that helps to improve lives by doing things with your eyes and your own personal assistant. Live|Capture|Share.I possess a high level of business acumen and strong financial, operational, sales, IT talent management and problem-solving skills.


Angela Rollins-Community Manager @Tortuga

Angela Rollins is the remote-based Community Manager for Tortuga. Tortuga helps travelers avoid the cost and hassle of checking luggage with carry-on-sized travel backpacks. You can follow Angela on Instagram.


Liam McIvor Martin   Co-Founder @TimeDoctor, & RunningRemote | Inc. 5000 Company | Speaker | Writer | Metrics Based Marketer

I am  Co-Founder of TimeDoctor, & RunningRemote as well as a Speaker, Writer and Metrics Based Marketer.


Amy Freshman Senior Director HR @ADP

Now in her 25 th year with ADP, Amy has had the fortunate opportunity to hold multiple roles within the same organization and grow her career. Starting at ADP directly out of Bryant University in 1995, she spent nearly 15 years in the Sales organization with roles in direct sales, leadership, training, operations and leadership development for ADP’s small business division. During her tenure, she achieved multiple awards and recognition including the President’s Club award and built strong relationships throughout her career. In 2008, she was certified as an ADP coach where she actively takes on coaching engagements with leaders focused on developing their skills in efforts to move their career forward. In 2010 she transitioned into a role in a newly centralized sales operations organization assisting the US sales teams navigate workspace changes and piloting new facility programs.Amy joined the HR organization in 2012 continuing her work with sales and our real estate partners and took on new responsibility in leading ADP’s Flexible Work Arrangements program across the enterprise. Under Amy’s leadership, she made a positive impact in all aspects of our program. From improving internal processes for our associates, partnering with technology to enhance our connectivity for our remote workers, with a keen focus on engagement across our population to ensure they feel connected to the rest of the organization. In July 2017, Amy took on the added responsibility as the Human Resources Lead on all activities related to mergers & acquisitions within ADP. As the dedicated partner for Corporate Development, she leads due diligence all the way through to integration, collaborating with business unit leadership and HR teams.


Logan Lyles B2B Brands | Co-Host of B2B Growth on Apple Podcasts

We Produce Podcasts for B2B Brands | Co-Host of B2B Growth on Apple Podcasts. 


Rachel Carruthers Head of Internationalisation & Localisation @Canva

Rachel is the Head of Internationalisation & Localisation @ Canva.Media postgraduate with in-depth project management experience serving large enterprise clients. Adept in driving global team efficiency and alignment (including internal and external stakeholder management), working with cross functional vendor and client teams to direct process improvement, tools, escalation procedures, and quality assurance measures to evolve operational excellence.

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