Top 4 Engagement Ideas & Activities for Freelancers in 2020

Your employees want to work from home, from the coffee shop even from the beach. Are you ready for that? 68% of American workers say they expect to be able to work remotely at least one day each week, and that number is only going up. However, remote employees also say they are less likely to receive meaningful feedback or even speak to their managers about future goals. For your current remote team members, you will have to go the extra mile to ensure the team plugs into what’s happening. Set aside sometime each week to visually connect with your remote direct reports in team meetings and individually also if you are celebrating a victory in the office don’t forget to include your remote workers send them the rewards as well, or they will feel left out.


Working with remote employees can have a lot of benefits. It can save you money; it can save you space, it can also save you time. But how do you make that work? Here are a few tips that I found make remote employees very successful.


  • To have regular calls and meetings. To meet regularly one-on-one via video such as Skype. These meetings allow you to convey the nonverbal messages and make a little more human of a connection. To keep people engaged, try to do as much with video conferencing as possible. Nothing replaces good old fashioned human connection. But for those who sit by themselves all day, the video helps. Start using video for your calls; it is incredible how much clearer the communication is. Not only can you take cues from body language, but it also helps keep people more engaged in the conversation.


  • Give autonomy and accountability. One should have regular reporting with the team. These reports will let you know, consistently what they have been working on and what challenges the employees’ risk.


  • Make get-togethers, exciting occasions. Include them in the company culture. Just because they are far away doesn’t mean that they can’t participate in humor and jokes and activities that your business is doing. Help them feel unified with everyone else.


  • Chat in real time. One of the biggest challenges for remote employees is a feeling of isolation. Working alone can be great for productivity, but it can also be lonely. One way to combat loneliness is to have scheduled daily checking calls or huddles with your team. These daily huddles do two things. One, they make sure that everyone is focused on the right task each day. And two, it gives remote employees the human connection that they need not feel like they’re in it alone.

It’s no secret that working as a remote worker, is the new normal for many business people today. But with everyone spread apart, you and your employees have to stay on the same page.

Technology advancements have made remote working more productive and engaging than ever before. If you need help with technology or build a team of remote employees, talk to us at Remotepanda.

About Shweta (Support/Technical Assistant and Blogger)


I am a solo mom of two beautiful angels. I have worked remotely for several years now, and it has been an extremely positive experience both for the companies I worked with and for myself. 

Great work can be rendered from anywhere, and you are most creative and productive when your people and your surroundings inspire you. At Remotepanda it has been a life changing experience with a group of interesting people. I am an experienced back-office virtual assistant with experience in building a complete back-office process from scratch and run it.

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