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Considering the recent burnout and turnover rates it is safe to assume that the future of work is — remote work. In U.S. alone 43% of the workforce spend some time working remotely. Remote working allows employees enjoy the comforts of being at home by setting their own work-time schedules boosting their productivity and receptivity. Maybe it was these and many more advantages that motivated companies like GitHub and Basecamp to go for remote hiring.

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Roadmap of the campaign/Why we choose this cities?

1. New York

To mark the beginning of our journey what better place we can pick than the first capital of United States. Other than being famous for the Empire State building and the Statue of Liberty, the Silicon Alley is also a global tech hub for entrepreneurs and the game-changers. New York City is the perfect place to embrace your inner nerd. While RemotePanda had a gala-time at TechDay here are the 10 really great businesses the Panda could spot on.

2. Baltimore

The Baltimore startup and entrepreneur community is working hard to build a better tomorrow by facilitating new ideas and innovations. Baltimore is like a networking tool for connecting experienced tech executives with young startup entrepreneurs.

3. Washington DC

Fueld with emerging technologies, top talent and an active customer base, the Washington DC is one of the most vibrant startup region. Along with numerous enterprises DC is also a home for diverse incubators and co-working spaces that support tech entrepreneurs.

4. Denver

Denverites are ambitious leaders who value cooperation. Denver startup community is built on four pillars — entrepreneurship, long-term commitment, inclusivity, and engagement. Denver is no more just a mining hub like it used to be during gold rush it is a thriving hot spot with new business opportunities scattered all across. Read more here .

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We are going to be attending the StartupFest in Montreal on the 10th of July and from there we plan to travel for another month covering Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Texas. If you guys are in any of these place, let us know and we’ll be happy to catch up. Just drop us an email at [email protected]

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