Want to build your remote team?

Brief about the  webinar:

The phrase ‘Minimum Viable Product’ has become part of the start-up lexicon. Start small, release, take feedback and then build more.

That is what you also want for a team. The ability to test and improve before you can commit for the longer term.
Unfortunately, most companies are not able to test teams before they commit and then find themselves stuck with a wrong team and process.
Imagine, starting as a small team and learning what works for you before you scale. Building your team with the right balance, personalities, people that complement each other, processes that suit you- Thats your MVT: Minimum Viable Team

In this webinar, you'll learn the biggest hack that your startup needs for a successful launch

Key Takeaways: 

  1. What is MVT (Minimum Viable Team) and is it for you? 
  2. Why you should consider going the MVT approach? 
  3. How to build your Minimum Viable Team and the best practices.

Target audience:

  1. CXOs & CEOs
  2. Startup and mid-size founders
  3. Entrepreneurs
  4. Project/account managers

About the speaker

Ayush is CEO & Co-Founder of RemotePanda & Chapter Director of StartupGrind Pune.

Involved in building solutions for multiple startups as an architect & then as a consultant. His expertise lies in building simple solutions for complex problems. 

He has a strong belief that putting the right people with the right orientation and process can take out all risks associated with building global teams and take advantage of the global talent and cost.