How to Create a Github Repository from the Command Line

How to Create a Github Repository from the Command Line

how to create a github repository from the command line


Git is a great version control system and Github is superb hosting service for git based repositories.

Github provides a nice web interface to create (blank) repositories at the start of the project. But why visit to create a blank repository, so here’s a simple bash script to make this simple task even simpler.


dir_name=`basename $(pwd)`
if [ $repo_name = ]; then
echo -n Repo name [$dir_name]?:
read repo_name
if [ $repo_name = ]; then
username=`git config`
if [ $username = ]; then
echo -n Could not find username, run ‘git config -global <username>’
return 1
token=`git config user.token`
if [ $token = ]; then
echo -n Could not find token, run ‘git config -global user.token <token>’
return 1
echo -n Creating Github repository ‘$repo_name‘…
curl -u $username:$token -d {“name”:”$repo_name“} > /dev/null 2>&1
echo Done.
echo -n Adding remote…
git remote add origin$username/$repo_name.git
echo Done.
view rawgit-create.bash hosted with ❤ by GitHub


Script is based on Curl and GithubApi.


Add this to bash_profile and reload it. Done 🙂
Use git-create to summon 146822610729350.

Be sure to configure GitHub username and access_token in global git configure file.


git config --global <username>

git config --global user.token <access_token>


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