About Company:


A New York based global accelerator focused on providing end to end support for an elite cohort of early and seed-stage digital healthcare entrepreneurs that are transforming digital health reached out to RemotePanda to help set up a team for one of its portfolio companies.


A Healthcare founder working to revolutionize the world of working women who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy. This planned platform acts as a one-stop place to connect women with experts. 


The goal for this engagement was to help set up a team to take care of the app development as well as the UI for the customer.


Problem Statement:

The client requirement from the RemotePanda team was to improve user interface and experience for the Mobile application.

When the client came to us, he was looking for a UI/UX Designer who could help him to design a UI that is easy to understand and meet the user expectations. The client was a non-technical person and had developers working remotely from different locations for him. He was looking for a designer who could take ownership of the product and work for the success of the client. 

The main challenge was to find the right resource with experience in UI/UX design and meet the expectations of the client. Later the client requested for iOS Developer and a Backend Developer who could deliver the work in a tight schedule while following the best industry standards and writing quality code.

problem statement in healthventure


Gathering the Team:

RemotePanda identified the exact need of the client and provided them with the best UI/UX designer who has experience of working with Fortune 500 companies like AT&T and Microsoft. The UI/UX expert delivered the UI design, which was at par than the expectations of the client.


Contribution to improve the product:

The team of freelance designers and developers provided by RemotePanda identified the major blockers and fixed the issues faced by the client. While fixing the issues and developing new features, the developer identified some other issues in the application and communicated the same to the client, which ensured success for the application of the client. 

The Backend developer understood the architecture of the application and helped in updating the features, and architect the way backend was interacting with the front end. The developer also suggested how the client can add some more features with which the application can be further beneficial for the end-user.


The iOS developer worked with the team in delivering the requested features while following the tight schedule and worked closely with the backend developer on integrating different services and provided the suggestion. The quality of the work delivered was as per the best practices of Industry and the highest code quality.


Freelancers gave the required boost to the client, to plan the new features, and how to scale the application. 

Success Manager to the fore:

The management of freelancers (UI/UX Designer, Backend developer, and iOS) was taken care of by RemotePanda. The Success Manager worked for ensuring the successful delivery of the project while following the tight schedule and also helped the client in building a strategy for managing his entire remote team. 


  • The client was happy with the performance of the freelancers provided by RemotePanda.


  • The success management reduced the headache of project management and allowed the client to focus on how to take the platform to the next level and increase the number of users.


  • The UI expert was rated 10/10 by the customer at the completion of the project.

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