Problem Statement:

The client is working on the domain of computer vision and machine learning. They are building a product that utilizes content-based image retrieval algorithms. They have patented algorithms that harness the power of computer vision, pattern recognition, and machine learning. All these algorithms were implemented in Matlab. The client requirement from the RemotePanda team was to implement all the existing algorithms of Matlab using open source technology and deploy it on the cloud infrastructure with a higher recognition rate and fast retrieval.

The system consisted of complex functions and algorithms. The client was looking for a team with expertise in the niche domain of Computer Vision and AI who could convert the existing code of Matlab in a more scalable framework with parallelization of the existing algorithm without compromising on the benchmark achieved in the system developed using Matlab.

The only challenge was finding a team who are experts in Matlab programming, open-source technology and cloud implementation with high scalability factor.

Problem Statement
Solution provided by RemotePanda


The client was not sure of which open source technology to use for implementing the patented algorithms. Freelancers provided by RemotePanda had domain expertise in Computer Vision and Machine Learning. 

They gave them a comparative study of different open source technologies with their respective pros and cons while considering the long term vision of the product. The client agreed to proceed with python language for the development of the product. We delivered multiple versions of the code while continuously outperforming the benchmark accuracy said by the client. We achieved an accuracy of 95% in the top 1% of query images and 99% accuracy in the top 5% of query images.


Clients were happy with the team of freelancers (Computer Vision and Machine Learning Engineers) provided by RemotePanda.

Time was a major constraint, and the RemotePanda team achieved all of that with the highly scalable core product with the proposed technology within 2 months.

The client was looking for such a team which is specialized in an extremely niche technology (i.e. Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Machine Learning). The client was not satisfied and they were losing hope of finding the right team; however, we were able to fulfill that demand within a week which included the stringent vetting process followed by RemotePanda.


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