Problem Statement:

The client was developing a smart meeting assistant that transcribes meetings and converts them into digestible meeting notes with useful summaries and actionable steps so everyone can get the most out of their meetings. 

The Webapp revolutionizes the way meetings are conducted in organizations. The client requirement from the RemotePanda team was to improve user experience and add new features in the existing application.

When the client came to us he was looking for a Full Stack developer who could help him with the development of new features and improve the user experience while following the schedule of tight deadlines. The client was working alone and was handling the technical side and the marketing of the platform. He was looking for a developer who could take ownership of the product and work for the success of the client. 

The main challenge was to find the right resource with experience in end to end application development, with hands-on experience of deploying the application on Amazon AWS and proven knowledge of different Google API integration. The web application utilized services from all the three renowned cloud platforms i.e., Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google cloud. Finding a developer who has expertise in all the cloud platform was difficult. 

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Gathering the Team:

RemotePanda identified the exact need of the client and provided them with a full-time Full Stack Developer and a part-time QA Engineer. The Full Stack developer improved the existing features and the architecture of the application. Freelancers gave the required boost to the client, which helped them to focus on increasing the user base and not worry about continuous followup with the tech team. 

Success Manager to the fore:

The management of freelancers (Developer and Tester) was taken care of by RemotePanda. The Success Manager worked for ensuring the successful delivery of the project while following the tight schedule and also helped the client in building a strategy for promoting and marketing the product. 

Contribution to improve the product:

The team gave valuable inputs (like Sentiment Analysis, Multilingual support, Text Editing, Text Summarization, and scheduling the meetings as per the calendar events), which resulted in making the web application more competitive as compared to the competitors of the client. The team also worked on developing API service, which can be integrated into different platforms as per the need of the developers while giving them freedom of multilingual support, sentiment analysis, and text summarization.


  • The customer was happy with the team of freelancers (Full-Time Full Stack Developers and Part-time QA Engineers) provided by RemotePanda.


  • The success management reduced the headache of project management and allowed the client to focus on increasing the user bases.


  • The suggestions provided by the team for adding semantic analysis and summarization of the meeting were well received.

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