About Fixional:

Fixional is an Artificial Intelligence-based editorial tool that provides clear, concise, and meaningful feedback on any work of writing. It reviews writing for completeness, clarity, context and more. 


Fixional goal is to create the ultimate editorial tool. They believe that by helping editors, publishers, and other curators extend Fixionals reach while maintaining their standards, they can help improve the overall landscape of ideas. By helping writers improve their craft by looking past grammar at content, clarity, originality, and more, fixional can improve the ideas that we share and consume.

The Need:

There were two requirements from the customer for the RemotePanda team. The first requirement was to build a remote team to help Fixional in tagging/labeling the training text dataset for their AI-engine.  The AI engine developed by Fixional uses supervised learning and for the same, they required a team that will create the training dataset. The second requirement was that of a remote full stack developer to help them in resolving the issues and with new developments so as to get to the market faster. 

the need

The Challenge:

Fixional implements supervised learning for its AI engine and requires labeled text dataset for the training. For every sentence, the AI engine identifies and breaks down the sentence into 7 different categories. The development team had to keep an eye and note the outliers which are logged as feedback into their system. This was repetitive and tiring work which occupied the development team’s precious time.


Fixional was looking for a talented, skilled and experienced remote resource who has an understanding of how the AI engine work and would ensure that the labeling was performed accurately based on their requirements. 


On the tech side, the fixional team wanted to focus on the development of the platform and launching the beta version of the same quickly. For that, the client required a skilled remote full stack developer who had to work closely with the CTO and has a mindset of the founder in order to deliver the best possible output. The timing was super important.

The Solution:

The remote resources provided by RemotePanda helped Fixional to organize and label the dataset for the training of the AI engine and create the right training data with minimal efforts and independently without the help of the core development team, freeing them from the efforts. This meant more time for the core development of the platform. 


The full-stack developer provided by RemotePanda had domain expertise in specific libraries and that helped in expediting the work.  The developer understood the entire code base very quickly and suggested to implement the DevOps Pipeline, considering the tight deadline of the client for the beta version release. Converting the entire code and making it CI/CD ready, ensured low downtime during releases, enhancing the overall user experience.


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