Preparing For Your B2B Marketing in 2020

ABM, AI, CX – there are a lot of cryptic initials being thrown around when it comes to B2B marketing process. On top of this, the cluttered and ever fragmented marketing-tech landscape is making life complicated for B2B marketers, who are under more pressure than ever before to prove the effectiveness of marketing on the bottom line. With all the buzz, it is hard to know what B2B marketing process you should adopt and what you should ignore.

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Art of Fundraising and Investor Relations

As founders, you’re building the future. The ideas deemed crazy today paired with your focus and your team’s quality of execution might become the reality in which we all operate in a few years’ time.Whilst clearly not the end goal, raising capital can power your growth and help you reach the next level. Traditionally, fundraising was seen as a complex, opaque process with a limited variety of options and an imbalance of power.More recently, the number of fundraising routes has increased and the whole process has become more transparent, with business angels and prominent VCs becoming more open in sharing their views and knowledge to help startups progress.

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Design Sprint Webinar

Google builds and launches around 20000+ product features every year. What is the process of innovation at Google and how do they continue churning successful products every year. Learn all about Google’s secret sauce- The Design Sprints. Design Sprints are used by companies like Uber, Apple, Netflix etc to understand what your users really want. What makes them tick and stick to a product and how to know it beforehand. Of course, there is a method to the madness and Vish Sande, professional facilitator and design principles head at Mindbowser will take you through each aspect of it.

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FHIR Interoperability

As a leader in FHIR interoperability, 1upHealth focuses on bridging the gap between patient centered data and provider needs. Creating a platform for patients to aggregate and share medical data from external health systems and wearable devices with providers; enabling improved healthcare outcomes and lower costs.

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 Having a good idea? Think about the  implementation details

All the great ideas and visions in the world are worthless if they can’t be implemented rapidly and efficiently.Often, I have seen many “would be” entrepreneurs who think that the most important value for their entrepreneurial success is the uniqueness of their ideas. But, it is not true. Business ideas are easy, but the implementation is what matters the most.Join us for an intriguing webinar with Arie Brish to explore more.

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How to Meet Security,Privacy,Compliance Requirements in Healthcare

You will get all answers of these questions such as what protected health information is and why it matters and how protection is enforced what the impact is on the commercialization of your product as well as what is required to become compliant with privacy and security regulations and how to successfully sell your digital healthcare products

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