Creating Your First GoLang Project

Creating Your First GoLang Project


Enter the name of the project and choose your workspace location.

After creating project your IDE screen will appear like this –





You have to create your folders and .go files in src folder only.

Step 1)Now right click on  src folder→ New→ Folder



Step 2) Then right click on the main (folder created by you) folder→ New Go File




Here Enter your go file name with .go extension and choose the Command Source file option. The first option will create empty main functions and Simple Web Server option creates Simple Web Application.


Go Source File


Create Go file in the src/main folder of your project with extension .go




The folders like and other ones will be created as you download the dependencies.

Here you can write your code. For example –

Golang Code


Now for executing this program, you need to build the project. So double click on the build option as shown below –





It will build like this and generates the main.exe binary file in bin package.




Sometimes while building project, you will face build errors like –

go project errors


So check the message and identify which package is missing and then go to command prompt and type the >go get

So for the above messages, enter below commands →

go get -u

go get -u

go get

go get

go get

go get

go get

go get

Now again try to rebuild it and it will create the main.exe file in your bin folder of project file for example – Main.exe


Step 3) Now for running your project

Right click on your project→ Select Run As→ Run Configurations



Then select the project and package to build i.e. main

golang demo

Select your project by clicking on Browse

golang demo


Step 4) Now, select the package to build


golang demo


And then click on Run so that your Go program will execute


go program


We can also execute the go program by going to the main pkg of project and type –

> go run main.go command

golang command


Step 5) Again if you need more programs inside, follow the same procedure


code completion


Go Commands –

go commands


go build→  builds go code; if code is package main, it creates  a binary executable in the main folder & if code is just a package then it builds it and throws away the binary

go install→  builds and install go code; if code is package main, it creates binary executable and drops in workspaces’ bin folder; if the code is a package, it build it and keeps in pkg folder

import→  import path is everything after “src ” folder in your workspace. You can alias packages in your imports

If you want to debug your project then select your project → Right click→ select Debug As Application as shown below

Go coding


After this, you will get an error – Error with command:gdb –version


go error


Now download the gdb for windows from below link and add to its debugger configuration

Select Project→ Right Click on Project→ Select Debugger tab from the window

golang debugger


Now your project will debug properly.



As you now know how to create your first Go Project, check out our next chapter on Language Fundamentals

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