Senior Android Developer

Fidel IT Services LLP

Kotlin 3 years
Java 3 years
Android 3 years

Worked with all the latest technology skills sets required for native Android development, as well as have hands-on experience on all set of architectures viz MVC, MVP.
Hands-on Experience with integration of third-party libraries viz Retrofit, Realm, Dagger 2- dependency injection, OpenGL, Firebase, and all payment gateways.
Experience in Background services and Broadcast receivers.
Worked on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google integration for applications.
Independently developed interface modules for enterprise applications with provided frameworks. Communicated with clients face to face, on Skype calls, and with meetings to gather requirements, explain existing applications, and provide suggestions for the expected application


Programming Languages:


Development Tools:

Android StudioGitIntelliJ Idea



Operating Systems:



Positive Attitude
  4.1 / 5
Team work
  4.0 / 5
  4.1 / 5
  3.9 / 5
Problem Solving
  4.0 / 5
  4.1 / 5


English communication
  4.0 / 5
Past work clarity
  4.0 / 5
Client interaction experience
  4.0 / 5
  3.9 / 5
Open to learning
  4.1 / 5
Open source contribution
  3.8 / 5


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  • BeanLogin

    Senior Android Developers

    AndroidFirebase sdkGoogle billing

    BeanLogin app’s main aim is to provide multiple apps authentication from single application i.e BeanLogin itself.
    Beanlogin provides auto login to multiple apps with help of saved credentials.It also provides SSO for fixed corporate level apps.
    This app allows user to share apps or secure notes within organization level or non-organization level.
    This app also creates separate tab inside the application dashboard.
    User can add apps and notes,and also can share the tab directly with either VIEW or OWNER level access.This app also uses the Inapp billing for Sharing purpose.

  • DXAccess

    Senior Android Developer

    AndroidJavaFirebase sdkSQlitePreference Cache Storage

    DXAccess application allows you to communicate with Data Exchange Center and handles your application through Mobile devices.
    This application provides below functionality to user to handle account.
    Start/End Session Tracking from Mobile device
    Generating emergency alarm/notifications with PANIC ALARM from Dashboard,
    Device Motion tracking,
    Door access with NFC feature authentication.

  • Credai Connect

    Senior Android Developer

    AndroidJavaApplogic Chat sdk

    This application provides Facebook and Whatsapp combinational features in it.
    It has basically two types of roles, 1) Admin which can have full access over the app and 2) Member with limited scope.
    Admin can enter Circulars, Events and also Feeds as well, whereas Member can view it but will be able to create Feeds only.
    Application uses App logic sdk to support Whatsapp like chat features.

  • Storage Manager

    Senior Android Developer

    AndroidJavaZebra Device Scanner sdkAndroid sdkMVP Design PatternRoob ORM databaseZXing library for barcode scanningZebra EMDK library for scanning barcode on Zebra DevicesRetrofit Client

    Storage manager will have to select Operator who owns the storages and storage from which dispatch is to be processed.
    Security is enabled using pin authentication start dispatch screen
    User will have to go through List of available inventory to select from, user will have to insert quantity for inventory, user can select inventory using zebra SDK barcode scanner.
    User will confirm destination operator through available operators and send the dispatch before processing next dispatch.

  • Pb TrackMan

    Senior Android Developer

    Android sdkFused Location APIRetrofit ClientRoom ORM library for DatabaseJobscheduler apiActivity ServicesMVP Design pattern

    Employee will get his login and password from his employer, who has subscribe for this service.
    Employee will log his activity such as Day Start End, Travel Start End, Work Start End.
    App will track time and location of each such a even.
    Which will be sync with cloud when device is online.
    User can see Current Event and notification in Top Area of the screen.
    This application have capability to execute in offline mode, whenever internet is available we will sync data with cloud server when possible.
    User can select the Task/ticket assigned to them while starting the work, so his work will be attached with particular Task.