Awais Ansari

Senior iOS developer

TechWeb IT Solutions

Objective-c 7.5 years
iOS 7.2 years
RealmDB 3 years
Swift 3 years
Core Data 2.5 years
PHP 2 years

I'm a passionate enthusiastic developer with 7+ years of experience in iOS Development for iPad and iPhone. I love to write iOS Enterprise Apps, love to do experiments with MAC OS X. I have developed more than 20 apps in last 7 years.
- Working experience in Objective C and Swift.
- Recently published Two Alexa Skills named Feeder Bot and daddy says.
- Add on knowledge App UI Design with Photoshop.
- Involved in handling works with challenging tasks.
- Excellent analytical, programming and problem-solving skills.
- Learning new and exciting Technologies - Alexa Skills.
- Good Communication Skills, Proven Ability to Maintain the Best Relationship with Customers and Team.

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Positive Attitude
  4.4 / 5
Team work
  4.5 / 5
  4.6 / 5
  4.4 / 5
Problem Solving
  4.5 / 5
  4.5 / 5


English communication
  4.4 / 5
Past work clarity
  4.6 / 5
Client interaction experience
  4.7 / 5
  4.7 / 5
Open to learning
  4.7 / 5
Open source contribution
  4.0 / 5


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  • AppBuilder2.0 (macOS App)

    Lead iOS developer

    Objective C Xcode Shell Scripting Photoshop MacOS Swift Objective C PHP Java Xcode 9.2 RDBMS Servers etc. Core Data Realm MYSQL SQL oneAll AFnetworking Ad Frameworks Eureka Forms Social Frameowrks Alexa skill with nodes JS backend MySQ

    It was an attempt to solve a problem while the big release of enterprise apps for creating N number of apps from the same codebase with respective company credentials details. Every app needed around 35 minutes. So one resource used to stuck for every release for 2 / 3 days. Then I proposed a solution to build a macOS app for internal use. It involved shell scripting to create ipa and dSYM files for N number of apps. Also both files for every app needed to be uploaded on HockyApps for distribution to clients. For this, I used APIs proved by the HockyApps. It resulted in more productivity & frequent app releases. More importantly all the process is Asynchronous, i.e. user can perform other tasks while the Appbuilder is running.

  • Wifias (macOS App)

    Lead iOS Developer

    Objective CXcodeShell ScriptingPhotoshopMacOS

    In the company, multiple Wifi networks are available. To know which network I am currently connected to, I will have to tap on Wifi icon in the macOS and then I know the network name. So I created a macOS app that simply shows the name of the network on the top bar on macOS Screen.

  • Indition CRM (iOS App)

    Lead iOS Developer

    Objective CSwiftXcodeMacOSiOS devices

    Enhancing and maintaining the CRM app for iOS Devices that support Watch OS, Widgets, Todays with sharing capabilities. This app supports offline mode as well so that CRUD operations can be performed without having to connect to internet. It can then sync the data from the device to the server. Recently added a feature in Eureka forms expand and collapse cell. Also added folder structure for iPhone replicating as on the web.

  • OPT Central (iOS App)

    iOS Developer

    Objective CXcodeMacOSiOS devices

    - Enhancing and maintaining the B2B enterprise app of a jewelry product having the catalog, product page, add to Order, deep linking. I added offline capability in the using Core Data. The challenge was to add offline capability in existing code. So updated the architecture of the codebase for getting the required result.
    - The app is on HockeyApp since it was an enterprise app.

  • H&W; (iOS App)

    iOS Developer

    Objective CXcodeMacOSiOS devices

    I worked on the project Hint & Whisper app from scratch. it was an app for presenting jewelry to each other by Like, Love, Must option on the product. Here my challenge was to first implement an API Security algorithm Oauth 2.0 in iOS as was on the web. After this, I created a Drag & Drop framework. Using a unique technique.

  • Bubble Knocker (iOS App)

    iOS Developer

    Objective CXcodeMacOSiOS devicesUIkitIn-appCocos2dBox2d

    Bubble knocker is an exciting game which you can relate with Angry Birds. You have to use the simple physics theory while playing along with your judgement skill to complete the levels. You have to win a level to move to the next level. Each level comes with a different challenge to master and after completing the challenge you can move to a next level to master. Have fun and enjoy the game

  • UChameleon (iOS App)

    iOS Developer

    Objective CXcodeMacOSiOS devicesUIkitGameCenterAdMob

    An interesting game that confuses the user’s mind between the selection of a color and respective text and vice-versa.
    It received 5 stars for first version leading to version 1.1.

  • Baby Nation (iOS App)

    iOS Developer

    Objective CXcodeMacOSiOS devicesUIKitInAppAdmob

    This App lets you take care of a baby. Feed him, play with him, pacify him and make him laugh

  • A Tale of Fable (for children) (iOS App)

    iOS Developer

    Objective CXcodeMacOSiOS devicesUIKitAdmob

    A story of a dog, how it loses his family finds it back. This app is for both iPhone & Ipad

  • Tap Tower (iOS App)

    iOS Developer

    Objective CXcodeMacOSiOS devicesUIKitAdmobCocos2d

    A hand-eye coordination game. Blow the blower and build the tower.

  • Memory meter (iOS App)

    iOS Developer

    Objective CXcodeMacOSiOS devicesUIKitAdmob

    A memory-based game in which user remembers the shown numbers then is supposed to tap in order as suggested.

  • Maths Guru (iOS App)

    iOS Developer

    Objective CXcodeMacOSiOS devicesUIKitAdmob

    An edutainment App that teaches Vedic maths in a lucid manner

  • Santa’s Matching Gifts (iOS App)

    iOS Developer

    Objective CXcodeMacOSiOS devicesUIKitAdmob

    Match gifts given by Santa on Christmas with flipping effect.

  • Automator App

    Architect, Developer


    I use the Automator macOS app for renaming files to the required format.
    Converting pdfs to images and vice versa Change the resolution and Quality of images Depending upon the requirement, I can create a service or Application that will fulfill the objective. If necessary, shell scripting can be used.