Dhananjay Kumar

Full Stack Developer

Fidel IT Services LLP

Jquery 4 years
Python 4 years
MongoDB 3 years
AngularJS 3 years
Node 2.5 years
Bootstrap 2 years

4+ Years of Experience in Web IT Industry mainly in Designing, Developing and Integrating Components for the Telecom, Healthcare, Education and Pricing industries. Designed and developed enterprise applications/web applications.


Positive Attitude
  4.0 / 5
Team work
  4.1 / 5
  3.9 / 5
  4.1 / 5
Problem Solving
  4.0 / 5
  3.9 / 5


English communication
  4.0 / 5
Past work clarity
  4.1 / 5
Client interaction experience
  3.9 / 5
  4.0 / 5
Open to learning
  4.1 / 5
Open source contribution
  3.9 / 5




  • Data Exchange

    FullStack Developer


    Data Exchange designs, builds, owns and operates data centers. Our modular approach provides agile and cost-effective data centers built to global best practice standards. Our integrated, customized solutions deliver fully self-contained, flexible accommodation for your ICT and cloud infrastructure. Data Exchange can deploy customized data center capacity to meet your technical specifications and operational requirements in our own colocation facilities, or we can deliver our wide range of data center solutions and services to your site. From remote sites and edge deployments through to the construction of enterprise and commercial colocation class facilities, from a single rack in one of our colocation facilities through fully customized colocation space built just for you, Data Exchange can deliver a comprehensive range of solutions to meet any data center requirement.

  • SQ Technology

    Fullstack Developer


    The goal of this project is to periodically scrape a list of tickets for any event from third-party sites and also from different exchanges which are in business partner with TMAT. TMAT display these ticket information details to the customers for purchase. When the customer makes a purchase of these tickets we fetch the corresponding tickets from the exchanges or the third-party site and dispatch ticket to the customer. It also has in-house tickets which are managed and sold to the customer. It has two main modules TMAT admin and TMAT Browse. TMAT admin is used mainly for management of User login information, crawling/scraping of tickets from different sites. TMAT browse is used to display the crawled tickets and maintaining various tickets details like venue, tour, event, and other ticket information.

  • KillerID

    FullStack Developer

    NodeJSHTMLCSS3JavaScriptJSONAngularJs 1.xReactJSBootstrapVisual studio Editor.

    Netkiller's Killer ID is an SSO service that allows the creation of a customized, uniform login procedure that allows individual users within a company to have access to all of the company's web applications and information that the user is permitted to have. Users have immediate access to all of their relevant applications and information with just one sign on, and they can more efficiently navigate to their desired features securely and efficiently.