Hariharan Anbazhagan

Project Manager

Connvertex Technologies

I have five years of experience as a Full Stack C# Dot Net and Angular developer, worked in the analysis of requirements, planning the development process, collaborating with back-end team to finalize the contracts for data transfer, making web application (US Health care and Mortgage) secure to achieve compliances.
I have two seed applications angular1-mini which is an angular 1.6 application which can be used for web applications with minimal modifications; second is Empty5 which is an angular five application with angular material two which is under development.
Passionate about data mining algorithms. Created a market-based analysis algorithm based on two different algorithms which improved the existing apriori algorithm by 19%.
Worked with Microsoft as a student ambassador in programs like Microsoft student partner and windows u crew, organized city level developer conferences.
Extensive knowledge in developing and securing single page web applications using HTML 5, CSS 3, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery, React & Redux, Angular JS 1.x, Angular 5, Material design, web sockets.
Expert in angular 1.x with extensive knowledge on Routing, State management, Angular material framework, ng-table, lazy loaded routes, UI-router, interceptors, state error management, form validations using ng-form and ng-messages, custom validators using directives, custom filters, knowledge on life cycle of directives, security aspects of angular 1.x to meet various compliances by US government.
Working knowledge on Angular 5. Good knowledge of Angular CLI, Typescript, guards, routing, Rxjs, passing data between components, injectable services, Webpack, Npm.
Working knowledge on ReactJS. Good understanding about how the react library works including JSX, Flux architecture, Redux, Axios, the life cycle of components, DOM diffing.
Extensive knowledge on debugging tools on chrome, Firefox, and IE, can debug, do performance analysis.
Extensive knowledge of cross-browser comparability.
Extensive knowledge of Responsive web design and Progressive web designs, worked with bootstrap and material design frameworks to implement responsiveness.
Theoretical knowledge on service workers to make websites look engaging in no network scenarios and use of Caching API of service workers to cache the service worker data. Use of network Throttler to simulate various network statuses to analyze the application. Knowledge on how to use lighthouse to audit the web applications.
Knowledge on c# ability to write c# code; can understand and work on both Code first, and Database first approaches in times of need.
Working knowledge on Node JS based serve, have worked on express, mongo stack, web sockets based app to serve data to pages continuously as a stream, handling node crashes using forever, and logging using logger and file IO synchronous and asynchronous using FS.
Good Experience in working with clients to know the requirements and suggest best practices for single page applications.
Expert in working with Agile teams. Worked in training and converting teams to agile teams in a phased manner.
Expert in working with back-end teams to come up with API designs that can balance ease of programming, security for both front-end and back-end of the application.


Other Skills


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