Prateek Kansara

Senior iOS developer

TechWeb IT Solutions

C 4 years
Objective C 4 years
Swift 4 years
iOS 4 years
Java 3 years
Android 2 years

iOS Developer with 4+ years of total experience, specializing in Mobile Application Development.Key expertise in iOS Application Development. Good understanding of project management practices and handling client requirements with adhering to the quality management process defined for the organization.


Programming Languages:

SwiftObjective CCC++AndroidiOSJava


Core Data

Operating Systems:

MAC (iOS)WindowsLinux


AWS LambdaGoogle Maps SDK

Other Skills



Positive Attitude
  4.1 / 5
Team work
  4.2 / 5
  4.4 / 5
  4.0 / 5
Problem Solving
  4.3 / 5
  4.2 / 5


English communication
  4.3 / 5
Past work clarity
  4.3 / 5
Client interaction experience
  4.4 / 5
  4.2 / 5
Open to learning
  4.0 / 5
Open source contribution
  3.0 / 5




  • Indition CRM

    Android & iOS Developer

    AndroidJavaHTMLCSSiOSObjective CSwift

    Developed Indition CRM application from scratch in Android and iOS. For Android designed the application using MVVM architecture for the application and used Realm as the database. For iOS designed the application using MVC architecture for the application and used Realm as the database. I have also used 3rd party libraries using cocoa pods and also build my own libraries for internal use.

  • Daddy Says, Mommy Says

    Senior iOS Developer

    Voice AutomationAWS LambdaAlexaHTMLCSSSwift

    Developed using AWS lambda as a backend for the Alexa skills and HTML for front-end login and registration.

  • Guess It

    Senior iOS Developer

    Voice AutomationAlexaHTMLCSSSwift

    A guess game skill for amazon Alexa to guess a character or any material for a specific category. Alexa picks up a random player name and category.

  • E-Commerce Application

    Senior iOS Developer

    iOSSwiftObjective CHTMLCSS

    Developed an E-commerce application client with the use of Shopify backend. To be used by all the sellers from Shopify.

  • Mobile App

    iOS Developer

    iOSSwiftObjective CHTML

    Developed application to enable access to your tripwire PureCloud account, ping an IP address, domain lookup, network calculator and password enabled users to get 911 support. Used few C codes and implemented using static libraries to get the result.

  • Environmental friendly navigation system

    iOS Developer

    iOSSwiftObjective CHTMLCSSGoogle Maps SDK

    Developed this application which visualizes road traffic and emission of CO2, NOX, PM in the city of Thessaloniki. Based on the real-time data collection on EMISIA’s server the user can select the optimal route. Used Google maps SDK for visual and created a route from source to destination.

  • User Interface for Pegasor Particle Sensor

    iOS Developer

    iOSSwiftObjective CHTMLCSS

    Developed this application to visualize real-time data measured by pegasor sensor. A data transmitting server from Raspberry Pi via serial port, it sends to an iOS device via TCP/IP protocol. Data received is continuously displayed on the graph and updated it in Real-Time.