Manoj Mishra

Full Stack Developer

Eloquent Studio Private Limited

Javascript 6 years
Ruby on Rails 6 years
MySQL 4 years
MongoDB 4 years
React 2 years
Node 0.5 years

I am having 6+ years of experience in developing highly scalable web applications and APIs using Ruby and Ruby related frameworks, Javascript, Elixir and Node.js. Deep expertise in developing web applications, web services using Rails and Sinatra. Strong experience in JavaScript and frontend frameworks Angular.js, React.js, and CSS frameworks SASS, Less, Bootstrap.


Programming Languages:


Development Tools:


Operating Systems:





Positive Attitude
  4.2 / 5
Team work
  4.2 / 5
  4.2 / 5
  4.2 / 5
Problem Solving
  4.1 / 5
  4.2 / 5


English communication
  4.2 / 5
Past work clarity
  4.1 / 5
Client interaction experience
  4.2 / 5
  4.1 / 5
Open to learning
  4.1 / 5
Open source contribution
  3.5 / 5




  • (venture capital)

    Full Stack Developer

    RubyRails 4.2MySQLReactReduxAWS

    - Crowdmatrix is an online investment marketplace that connects accredited investors with vetted alternative investment opportunities.
    - Crowdmatrix aims to change the investment landscape by leveraging technology to make diversifying into alternative asset classes simple and efficient.
    - As a full-time developer, I was responsible for the development and testing of both frontend & backend features

  • Opera (Advertisement)

    Full Stack Developer

    ReactReduxNodeMS SQL Server

    - Opera project is a full revamp of the ComScore’s older system written in ASP.NET responsible for the management of various dictionaries used to keep track of the data for millions of clients.
    - As a full-time developer, I was responsible for the development of one module which involved working on both frontend(React & Redux) as well as the backend(Node).

  • (e-commerce)

    Full Stack Developer

    RubyRails 4.2MongodbNginxPassengerS3AWS

    - Brandscape Pty. Ltd. is focused on providing a streamlined solution and maximizes the selling process for suppliers, retailers, and agents in Australian fashion and Action Sports industry.
    -Through this platform, a supplier gets immediate access to quality retailers using unique and dynamic online tools to launch their brand with speed and efficiency giving them the competitive edge, as well as a retailer, gets the desired brands where they can view and buy the product for their stores.
    - As a lead developer in this project, I built everything from scratch. My job as a senior rails developer was to develop & ensure that features are delivered as quickly as possible.
    - I was also responsible for the quality of code & the integrity of the system over tons of features and fixes delivered each week.

  • Sprycer (Business Intelligence)

    Full Stack Developer

    RubyRails 3MongodbElasticSearchRedisAngular.jsAWS

    - SaaS platform for online retailers to monitor competitor prices. Price alerts, competitiveness dashboard, price history. Intelligent product matching. Daily or weekly prices.
    - My job was to ensure that the parsers were working properly & to build price graphs using Morris.js

  • IPALM (e-commerce)

    Backend Developer

    RubyRails 2.3MySQLAWSSVN

    - The IPALM (Integrated Print and Logistics Management) technology platform started life as in in-house developed warehouse management system to support CanPrint Communications customer distribution requirements.
    - IPALM is a web-based multi-tenant technology (ERP) platform.
    - My Job as a junior ruby on rails developer was to quickly build websites through liquid templates for various book publishers in Australia.