Dhananjay Kolte

Senior Full Stack Developer

Fidel IT Services LLP

Java 7 years
Spring 6 years
Angular JS 6 years
Java Script 6 years
SpringBoot 4 years
Microservices 3 years

I am having 7+ Years of Experience in Web IT Industry mainly in Designing, Developing and Integrating Components for the Telecom, Healthcare, Education and Pricing industries. Servlets, JDBC, JSP, XML/XSL/XSLT, HTML,EJB DHTML, JavaScript, Angular.JS, JSTL, AJAX, IBM Websphere ,BEA WebLogic Application Server, JBoss Application Server and Tomcat.


Positive Attitude
  4.3 / 5
Team work
  4.5 / 5
  4.4 / 5
  4.3 / 5
Problem Solving
  4.3 / 5
  4.4 / 5


English communication
  4.2 / 5
Past work clarity
  4.3 / 5
Client interaction experience
  4.3 / 5
  4.2 / 5
Open to learning
  4.0 / 5
Open source contribution
  1.5 / 5




  • Emotn

    Team Lead

    Spring BootGradleMavenAngular JSHtmlJSONFireBase DB

    Emotn is an application that makes it easy to pull health data from popular third-party APIs like Runkeeper and Fitbit. It converts that data into an “Open mHealth” compliant format, and displayed in Mobile application which will work with clean and clinically meaningful data.

  • ScoutIT

    Team Lead

    Core JavaExecutor ServiceSSH using JavaMaven

    ScoutIT is an application which captures health metric of a system and sends to server. It works as a Java agent for linux distributions. Basically, it executes linux commands, parses its output and transforms it into standard format and sends to server through API. Application also behaves Agent (Monitors single system) and Remote Hub (Monitors multiple system connected through ssh).

  • ApmNext

    Team Lead

    Core JavaASMElasticSearchKibanaLogstashWebsocketReact JSMavenPostgresSpring BootREST API

    ApmNext is an application which monitors application deployed in production. It captures complete data about every code-level issue in monitored application across all environments. It works as a Java agent for registered with running application. It manipulates bytecode of an application using ASM and sends data to server. From portal, user can see logged errors and exception in real-time. ELK is used for analytical search against exception data.

  • BeanLogin

    Automation Tester

    SeleniumJunitJMeterAppiumRestAssuredCA DevTest

    BeanLogin is an identity and access management system that provides authentication and authorization capabilities to critical applications within an organization. Built on Microsoft’s Windows Identity Framework, it generates with a variety of applications, both on premise and in the cloud, using SAML and WS Federation standards. BeanLogin’s chrome extension provides a seamless browsing experience to its users by automatically logging them into their favorite websites. The solution is pre-integrated with popular business as well as personal applications like Office 365, Google Apps, GoTo Meeting, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many more. As you login to your favorite website, BeanLogin saves your credentials to a secure vault that only you can access.