Fullstack Developer

Eloquent Studio Private Limited

JQuery 9 years
Javascript 9 years
Ruby 9 years
Python 6 years
Angular.ja 6 years
Node.js 6 years

- I have 10+ years of experience in development, solution designing and deployments using open source technologies.
- Deep expertise in designing and developing scalable software systems for various domains.
- Proficient in deploying software system on various clouds(AWS, GCP, Heroku) using DevOps framework and tools.
- Contributed to various open source projects. (Bigtable ruby client, Filter.js etc)

Area of Expertise:
- Technical analysis and solution design
- Requirement analysis and build high-level design
- Distributed systems and microservices
- Prototype design and development
- Data migrations
- DevOps - Containerization using Docker


Positive Attitude
  4.3 / 5
Team work
  4.4 / 5
  4.6 / 5
  4.4 / 5
Problem Solving
  4.4 / 5
  4.5 / 5


English communication
  4.4 / 5
Past work clarity
  4.5 / 5
Client interaction experience
  4.5 / 5
  4.4 / 5
Open to learning
  4.2 / 5
Open source contribution
  3.5 / 5


BusinessFood & DrinkTravelUtilities


  • TableArt

    Full Stack Developer

    Express.jsMongodbAWS S3AWS CloudFrontAWS API GatewayAWS Lambda functionsSocket.io

    It is an online order processing platform for pizza restaurants. The user can customize pizza and place the order, track order using the mobile app. The restaurant owner can manage the menu, food item prices, order management, and delivery.

  • Kape.Tv

    Solution Architect

    Express.jsAWS RDSFFMPEGAWS S3AWS CloudFrontAWS Container serviceApple Pay

    It is an online video streaming platform for action movies. A user can rent or buy videos, follow favorite stars, fight clubs.

  • PriceRadar

    Full Stack Developer


    This web app is for both the buyer and retailer. Track any product price by adding product URLs or using a browser plugin. On price change, it sends notifications to users and shows price trend. This web app allows a retailer to maintain their competitor products list and helps to compare and adjust price based on their competitor products pricing and offers.

  • Instant Football and Cricket highlights creator

    Full Stack Developer

    Ruby on Rails 5FFMPEGSidekiqMongoDBElasticsearchRedisEC2AWS EC2AWS CloudFront

    On-demand highlights creator based on user search. It creates highlights for a specific player, player vs player, specific teams, by special events, i.e. goal, six, wickets.

  • Blueshift

    Full Stack Developer

    RubyRails 4ResquePostgreSQLElasticsearchRedisEC2AngularJS

    It is an analytics platform to target online customers by creating campaigns. It tracks user actions on websites and converts it into useful information for analysis so the merchant can personalize the content based on user interactions and target using different channels like email, push message, SMS.

  • CasinoGames

    Solution Architect


    Casino multiplayer games for 3 Patti card game, roulette, dart. User can play multiplayer games online and earn coins.

  • Altizon Datonis

    Solution Architect

    RubyRails 4SidekiqMongoDBElasticsearchRedisEC2

    The Altizon Datonis Platform allows sending event data from connected devices like temperature sensors, pressure sensors to monitor performance, failure etc. Also, it’s API helps to query collected data to integrate with third the party apps.

  • Sprycer

    Full Stack Developer

    Ruby on Rails 4MongoDBElasticSearchRedisEC2Custom web crawlers

    Sprycer is a product price comparing and matching platform for retailers, which collect product data from different merchants site using crawling, scraping and search for matching products and show analytical data.

  • Tourconnect

    Full Stack Developer

    Node.jsExpress.jsMongoDBHerokuAutorize.net payment gatewayS3

    It is an online contract application for the tourism industry. Contractor and suppliers find each other, invite for contract and help them to make contract collaboratively.

  • Cleartrip Places

    Full Stack Developer

    Ruby on Rails 3MySQLNginxPassengerAWS EC2

    It is a natural language generation (NLG) system to create an article for different places using a different type of data like hotels, flights, trains, places.