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The #MakeRemoteWork survey report is about the latest trends in the Remote Work Industry. This report answers questions ranging from cost, management & trust to difficulties, solutions & work environment related to remote work.
How it WORKS
RemotePanda is the saner, calmer and organized way to outsource your needs. Our concierge service means you have someone to take care of your needs right from recruitment to hiring and throughout the project. We set the KPIs for the work and build accountability within the process for the remote worker.
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You will be assigned your own personal assistant (a "Success Panda") who is designed to work closely with you during every stage of the hiring process. This includes a path that extends from 'hiring', all the way to ensuring that the job is done the way you want it accomplished.
The Search &
Shortlist Creation
Our simplification process will provide you with the information that you'll need in order to select candidates. You can access potential candidates by their profiles detailing their proven skill set(s) and then put together an effective shortlist. This will allow for accurate comparisons and facilitate the interviews that you'll create. Simple and hassle-free!
We will assist in every way possible when you decide to interview potential resources prior to making your final hiring decision(s). You'll be able to begin working with your resource selection in as little as one week *
Your Peace of
We have eliminated our client's concerns about obtaining quality work when managing a remote team. Our expertise and proficiency is renowned for obtaining and managing your resources, in order to provide work that is completed in a timely manner and with an assured high quality performance.
Each remote worker on RemotePanda goes through 3 different assessments covering knowledge as well as behavioral skills including an in person interview before they make the cut. The strict curation at our end means 80% of our customers are able to select the first person that they interview.
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Some TOP profiles
Antrixsh Gupta
BlockChain Engineer, Data Scientist, ML/AI Expert
Aboli Maydeo
UX Consultant
Sandeep Natoo
Technology Consultant - Machine Learning
Abhishek Kumar
Computer Vision & Machine Learning Engineer
Siddheshwar M
DevOps Consultant
Saket Mokate
Full Stack Developer
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