The 17 best online collaboration tools for Freelancers

The modern workplace is evolving and more companies are taking advantage of skilled talent available around the world. Remote teams bring many benefits they also have their own set of challenges. Communication seems to be the biggest challenge. Now we have a lot of great tools to make communication easier. The tools can make or break a remote team. And therefore it is important to select the right ones.

Tools for Online Communication:

1. Slack: A remote company still needs headquarter or virtual space to hang out. It is also one of the most popular communication tool used by distributed teams. It is a glue which holds remote teams together. There are company-wide channels for business and fun, every team has its own channel and coworkers can connect privately over direct messages.


2.HipChat: This is another great tool by Atlassian. If your team uses other Atlassian products or Jira you can integrate HipChat with it.



3. Google Hangouts: Hangouts lets you launch a hangout right from within a channel


4. Zoom: This is a good alternative to hangouts and has a higher threshold for the number of people who can be in a meeting at once.


5. Skype: Free to use locally and globally, you can do instant messaging, voice and video calls as well as group calls from the desktop or mobile app.


6. Jell: Jell takes the concept of standup meetings and automates it. Everyday team members answer three questions which are automatically posted into the appropriate team Slack channel. A short video call is conducted daily to review.


Tools for Cloud Collaboration and File Management:

1.Dropbox: This is one of the easiest document sharing options available. It is simple to teach all your team members and no data management system is needed. When something is added to a Dropbox folder, it is automatically available to all users with access.



2. Google Drive: Free and easy storing and collaboration of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with your google account.


3. Box: Box allows you to securely share files with your team, starting at just $5 per user. Documents are encrypted and you can grant and revoke user permissions at your discretion.There are other alternatives like One Hub and Huddle.

Tools for Cloud Collaboration and File Management

Tools for Productivity

1. iDoneThis: It is a tool used by remote teams to keep tabs on each other’s progress

Tools for Productivity

Tools for Project Management:


1.JIRA: It is used for managing work sprints across dev and marketing teams alike. JIRA is a very robust project and issue tracker.


2. Trello: Trello creates boards to manage your entire project. You can see at a glance who is working on what and when the tasks are due. The basic version of Trello is free.


3.Asana: Works particularly well for remote teams because of all the options available to manage and track tasks.

Tools for Project Management:

Tools for Development and Design:

1. GitHub: This is the ultimate tool for developers to host their code online. It is also a site of choice to host company wikis.

2. Skitch: This app by Evernote allows remote teams to annotate, markup and quickly sketch out ideas. You can get it for your desktop, tablet, and phone and get to work no matter where you are.

3. CodePen: Write and share HTML/CSS & Javascript with this app. You can share the code with your remote team members and preview the code and get feedback in real time.

4. Cloud9: A development environment in the cloud featuring its own code editor and Ubuntu workspace.

Tools for Development and Design

Bonus Tool:


Tool for validating code quality:

Codegrip: Codegrip is one of those finest tools that can be leveraged to test the quality of the code. Codegrip makes sure that every piece of code you write is free from bugs, code smells and vulnerabilities. Codegrip runs an intelligent algorithm on your code and notifies you about the issues. With Codegrip you can pinpoint the location of the defective code and quickly fix them. The best part about Codegrip is that it does not make any copy of your code so you can rest easy about the privacy of your code.

Working remotely or as a freelancer is an increasingly popular way to make a living. In fact, there are tens of millions of Americans working as freelancers. You get to work wherever you want, work at your own pace and simply get more freedom to choose your own destiny. Many of those remotely working will choose to do contract work and aim to be hired by some large companies.


However, with a lot of people now choosing a similar path, it can be difficult to rise above the competition and get hired by the best companies. But with the business world being more technological than ever, there are some things you can do to help your case. If you learn and master some select tools, that knowledge could help you get hired.


But which tools should freelancers know how to use in order to get hired by the best companies? Well, that is exactly what this article is going to look at. Without any further ado, let’s go over some of the most useful tools for tech freelancers to know how to use.

An Application Logging Tool:

Most software and applications that companies will use will create logs. Logs are documentation of events relevant to the particular software or app. Every sign-on, sign-out and other change will be recorded.


These logs are important in maintaining the security of your company but also remaining compliant. Unfortunately, managing these logs manually is hardly possible as there are generally thousands and thousands of them being created. Thankfully, application logging tools exist that can manage these logs and give you a clear and unified view of your apps and software to make sure they are operating as expected.


These tools will also help you proactively manage the health of your applications through what is occurring within the logs. If you are experienced in using an application logging tool, it can go a long way. So be sure to learn more about application logging if this is something that interests you.

Cloud Computing Tools:

Cloud computing is growing more and more popular due to the massive benefits it can provide to companies. The cloud can improve cybersecurity, storage, networking, project management and so much more. It can even open up new ways for companies to make and save money. The industry is still relatively new, and there will surely be more compelling and common uses for the cloud in the coming years.


As you could imagine, this means that those who have cloud-related skills are highly sought after by companies of all shapes and sizes. If you can get yourself cloud-certified, you will gain access to great positions and likely a larger salary. Cloud computing is the present and the future, so being knowledgeable and skilled in the area can certainly help get you some work. 

AI and Machine Learning Tools:

AI and machine learning have been some of the biggest buzzwords in business for years, and for good reason. Workloads in IT are skyrocketing recently and leading to many people being overworked and seeing their productivity dip. Using and implementing AI or machine learning where possible can go a long way in automating tasks and optimizing processes.


This frees up employees to focus on more important and intensive priorities. While AI and machine learning often work hand in hand with automation, human interaction is still needed from time to time. Also, to set up these AI and machine learning tools to automate tasks can require a good amount of work and monitoring. So if you can become skilled in the areas of AI and machine learning, it can go a long way in getting you hired.


Effective communication is essential for all companies, but there are some additional communication challenges inherent to distributed companies. At RemotePanda, it is also important for us to get together at every milestone. Rest of the time we rely on the tools to help us connect, communicate and collaborate.

To know more about Virtual teams or want to hire freelancers from RemotePanda please feel free to contact RemotePanda, also freelance teams come with its own set of challenges. To manage these challenges you can visit our blog Managing virtual Team

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    Other collaboration tools which freelancers use globally to connect and interact with each other, clients, customers, etc. are Webex, Gomeetnow, Gotomeeting, Anymeeting, R-HUB web video conferencing servers etc. They work well.

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