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B2B sales processes are on the cusp of some massive transformation, with new technological advancements and trends completely redefining what it would take to be a leader in the B2B market space in the next few years. Leading the market in B2B sales requires an undivided focus and a significant investment of time and resources.  


The marketing and branding of B2B services or products are one of the most important factors contributing to the growth and success of such a venture. B2B marketers need to interact directly with those in charge of making important decisions. However, no marketer or sales professional knows everything, and reading upon resources such as blogs by other professionals in the industry is an excellent way to stay updated with the latest trends, innovations, and keep your competitive edge in the market. 


Some of the best blogs on B2B out there can help you grow your business exponentially. The B2B community as a whole has tons of information on B2B digital marketing, SEO, modern techniques for sales, etc. To access this information we have compiled a list of some of the best resources on the internet to help you in your growth. 


Drift, a conversational marketing platform, is working on changing B2B sales and how they are done. Their strong brand epitomizes the promotion of conversational marketing that is personal. 


Their blogs are usually formatted to promote scannability in the form of lists and are often conversational in nature. They also feature pictures of real employees or clients that work with Drift. They provide case studies about client success, offer subject matter expertise, publish transcripts of their podcasts, as well as publish blogs offering key insights into how they operate and run things.

niel patel

Neil Patel has been one of the pioneers of SEO and an expert on how to grow your traffic for a long time. Since growing reach organically is something every B2B business that has an online presence should aim to achieve, Neil’s content has universal relevance.


His blogs provide relevant and actionable information through various formats like videos, written posts, and podcasts. He covers a comprehensive list of topics including content marketing, e-commerce, conversion rate optimization, online marketing, and SEO. His posts are precise and specific enough to implement whatever you have learned into your strategy.


B2B marketing publishes many marketing reports and hosts conferences to offer educational content to help marketers grow their B2B business. Their blogs usually feature topics such as marketing operations, social media, and tech stacks. 


B2B marketing is an excellent resource for those looking for the B2B community, recent research in the field, and most recent developments and trends in the B2B world. 



OpenView is a venture capital firm that focuses primarily on SaaS companies that are in the B2B expansion stages. Because of this focused business model, they have a large variety of well-researched B2B specific content aimed at businesses in that space. 


In addition to the original content that they publish, they also usually curate and syndicate blogs from other similar thought leaders in the B2B space to help readers gain a comprehensive understanding of the discussed topics.


HubSpot’s blogs are considered a wealth of information that covers everything from marketing best practices to infographics to how-to guides and more. HubSpot was the pioneer in the idea of using a blog to grow business and is considered to be the founder of the inbound marketing methodology. Over the years, they have done a fantastic job of maintaining their blog that exemplifies this methodology. 


They have blogs in categories such as marketing, sales, and services, etc. that align to the flywheel and provide an abundance of valuable and insightful content geared with readers in mind. 


Sirius Decisions has the vision to bring actionable intelligence to B2B execs. They put in a lot of work in research to realize this aim. They also provide benchmark data and conduct comprehensive studies on databases along with collaborating with B2B companies for research and reporting.


Their blog focuses on topics such as sales, marketing, products, and technology and services. 


InsightSquared provides visual and actionable sales reporting to empower operations to help leaderships in organizations forecast more accurately and better manage sales pipelines. 


Their blogs cover extensive content on pipeline management and provide guides to leverage analytics to hone your marketing and bridge the gap between marketing and sales activities.


Founded by Brian Dean, an internationally recognized SEO expert, Backlinko shows you exact tips, strategies, and techniques that are practically actionable to score a higher rank in SEO. 


Backlinko has been featured on websites like Entrepreneur, Forbes, Huffpost, and Inc. His regular readers include top marketers from companies like Apple, Disney, IBM, and Amazon.


Brian Carroll’s B2B Lead Blog provides great insights on lead generations, management, and nurturing. His free resources like the 8 Critical Success Factors of Lead Generation and the Lead Generation Checklist offer a step-by-step guide to get better lead generation results. Additionally, his B2B Roundtable Podcast offers advice and inspiration from marketing and sales leaders in the B2B space.


Produced by Spear Marketing Group, The Point blog focuses heavily on demand generation, lead nurturing, and marketing automation for B2B marketers. Howard J. Sewell, president of Spear Marketing Group, authors the blog and has an experience of over 25 years in the B2B space.


Over the years, Business2Community has grown to be more than a blog. They frequently publish and cover a wide array of topics accepting contributions from the B2B community as well. 


Because of the wide array of business-related topics covered, finding relevant content as well as identifying subjects you can write about for the blog is easy and straightforward.

sales bench index

Sales Benchmark Index performs market research and develops strategies for growth based on the insights gathered. Their blog posts are labeled “insights” and cover a plethora of subjects ranging from revenue growth to segmentation and customer success. Their content is available in video and text format. They also offer podcast versions of their video interviews. 


B2B marketing has traditionally relied on observed facts and trends, but they rarely make a lasting impression in the long run. To pave the way for growth and success, you need more than data; you need stories and an understanding of what made those success stories possible. Whether you’re looking for an intro into B2B or are looking to take your already established B2B model to the next level, the aforementioned blogs are guaranteed to offer you valuable insights from thought leaders in the business space and provide you with detailed in-depth analysis of successful ventures and other SEO trends.

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